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Our story is a very long one!  The short version is I'm the founder of TouchFM.  I got the idea for the TouchFM format, in 2016.  In 2018 I felt God telling me that He wanted this ministry active for His purpose.  I've accepted what God put on my heart and began immediately working countless hours over a 7 month period, creating the actual format of TouchFM. 


Jesus died on Good Friday at approximately 3PM.  To Honor God in this, we began broadcasting.   

It is generally agreed that Jesus came back to life on Easter Sunday around Sunrise.  I debuted TouchFM on Easter Sunday at Sunrise in 2019.  We are extremely excited to work and watch what God does with this ministry.  We hope that you will support our strong and faithful efforts here by praying for us daily and financially supporting our organization so that we may continue to minister to a potential millions of listeners all over the world.


TouchFM is owned and operated by Spryex Communications, Inc., based in Cincinnati.  Contact us by email at 

Thanks to Ryan Jansen, Mark Krumpack, Otis Dyson and many others who encouraged me then and continue to do so, in this effort!  Praise God and may all of the Glory go to Him!

-Bill Spry

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